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A mysterious ornate which doesn't say for whom it has been made.

The Cintamani is one of the Seven Treasures of the King of Rings, a mysterious bead which contains the power of the Dragon, an item that doesn't fall short of any treasure.

When a Dragon's kin gains this treasure, it can exert it's best potential and the rank is raised.

Also, when a monarch holds this treasure, they gain wisdom to govern the country in the right manner


  • The Cintamani is an ornament with a shining light.
  • Charm and Leadership increases by 15%
  • Disables all magical damage by 17%
  • Increases Intelligence by 30%
  • When equipped, raises affinity with dragons by 10,000
  • This item belongs to user 'Ian' (Item cannot be sold nor transferred, and won't drop even if character dies.